Enter the world of wine & spirit expertise!

In every country and on each continent,

wonderful spirits are being elaborated,

from the most famous to the unknown,

due to a more limited edition.

Since the early 21st century, we have been traveling all over Europe continental to seek best partnership in each of the countries. Our experience has brought us to creat JCWS in order to answer the demande of many importer as well as producers.

Our experience acquired since this period through French or International companies such as Cooperative winery, Cognac house or  importer/distributor  in drinks business (beers, wine and spirits).

Thanks to a High knowledge of International Brand building we are able to cover all distribution channel, such as:



                                                                 -Specialized shops

                                                                 -Night life

                                                                 -Duty Free and Travel retail

                                                                 -Diplomatic corps

We aim at offering the best value for money brand in each of it's category. In this global and worldwide network many companies do not have time, money or human ressources to spread there quality products.

JCWS is offering you it's experience to build and find the best partner for the product and the best product for the importer. We do not only place the brand we also support in the field.

With this solution you have an access to europe with less time, effort and investment. Our goal is to build and succeed all together. We respect the brands as much as our partner!

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